The Windy Island of Föhr Part 1

The Arrival

It is the 28 of April and the long awaited journey is finally happening. What an amazing way to leave all the problems and cares behind. Isn’t that the great feeling in the world? Only downside is that we had to get up at 3 am and that there was a day of traveling ahead of us, but whatever. After everything was packed and even double checked we were ready to go. Oh i almost forgot to tell you, where this journey was to… to the second biggest island of Germany, Föhr. Continue reading “The Windy Island of Föhr Part 1”

Happy Easter with Burberry

Hi guys! Let me start by wishing you a happy Easter holiday. May you all be safe and with your beloved person and families. As some of you might already know or guess…. today’s post is about that occasion. By entering spring and especially the month April the big Easter egg madness starts. Most of us go to church and dinner at the parent’s house. That is why it is always beneficial to dress up a little, just do not overdo it. And here comes my secret weapon: Burberry Trench-coat. Continue reading “Happy Easter with Burberry”

Hugo Boss forever

Spring is beautiful, but also it is unpredictable. Some days it is warm and the sun is shining, spreading good vibes. And on other days… well then it is literally raining cats and dogs. So the question: “What to wear?” is a pretty good one. The one thing that is maybe constant in the spring men fashion is… You can never go wrong with Boss. Hugo Boss forever. Continue reading “Hugo Boss forever”

Viktor & Rolf

Hello my lovely people, today i am coming at you with another post. It has to do with luxury items and quite frankly with one of my most beloved brands. Known mostly for its amazing fragrances flowerbomb and spicebomb, Viktor & Rolf is actually relative new in the fashion universe.  After studying together Viktor Hosting and Rolf Snoeren have teamed up to create a new fashion brand, dutch, innovative and modern. By pushing the boundaries of fashion they inspire more and more young designers to basically dream big. I am curious to know which is your favourite luxury brand?

Continue reading “Viktor & Rolf”

Green on Green in fashion

It is not every day in March that we have so much sun and warmth. Especially not in Germany. So as a natural consequence everyone is trying to enjoy the sun rays. Getting more active and doing something for the summer beach body and own health. For some it is going to the gym, for others jogging, for third hiking and long photo shootings in the most fashionable clothes. Forget about the green juice… ( don’t really, it is actually my favorite ) here comes Green on Green in fashion. Continue reading “Green on Green in fashion”

Suede for Spring

Hello guys, today was maybe one of the best days in the 2017. It was sunny, warm and quite frankly just a blast to be out and about. After a bit of a stormy conditions a few days before there was a sudden change in the temperatures. In case you are wondering, i am talking about the beautiful country Germany. The question which remained: Is Suede for spring. And especially when the weather is changing so much…one minute there is a pouring rain and the next…. ”I got sunshine in my pocket”. Continue reading “Suede for Spring”

Wool Bomber & the City

With the beginning of a new day everything seems possible. There is this positive energy in the air and you know everything is possible. You can achieve anything, just go and get it. But first it is the 8 of march. So the first thing to do here is to congratulate all the women on their special day. Stay as you are, be positive awesome and happy……Unfortunately the weather on this beautiful day was not so cool. It was really a windy and cold day, but that does not stop me from doing my arrangements. So due to the weather conditions it just had to be a wool bomber in the city. Continue reading “Wool Bomber & the City”

Cashmere pieces for spring

As we are all headed to almost the middle of March the days are getting longer and longer. The weather is changing and it is getting warmer by the minute.  It is finally time to get rid of the big bulky shearling coats and parkas and replacing them with more compact but still warm outerwear.  After making sure that everything is stored the right way the fun part comes: Layering.  The cashmere pieces for spring are my favorite. Continue reading “Cashmere pieces for spring”

Detox Morning Routine


After hopefully a good night sleep I wake up around 7 o’clock. Sometimes a bit earlier, other times a bit later. It depends. Nevertheless the first thing I do after opening my eyes is checking my social media and comment on some of your pictures and comments. After that I go in the bathroom and brush my teeth and take a fast shower and then I start my morning detox routine… Continue reading “Detox Morning Routine”