Sunglasses to Perfection

Sunglasses… this special all-rounder is maybe the most difficult to choose and combine with an outfit…

Round, Square, Sophisticated, or Extreme, Aviator, Cat-eye, Oversized, Sport, Mirrored, this little buddy is mostly like to make or break your whole fashionable appearance…  Key is: Set a statement with your glasses and try to match them with your other accessories you are wearing. Never the less, do not try sunglasses which are too extravagant for your face shape. Much too big is never good as is too small. You do not want to look as if your whole face is being hidden under the massive glasses. The perfect sunglasses should cover the eye area as well as the brow area. Here are a few simple rules, which apply to faceshapes and the glasses to match with it.



Face: Heart        Glasses: thick frames on the top, thin or missing on the bottom………………

Retro Square,Cat eye, Sport

Face: Round        Glasses: Oversized, rectangular and angular frames to mask the roundness

Retro Square, Cat eye, Square

Face: Oval         Glasses: Round and square frames, but not too big or too small for the face

Retro Square, Aviator, Oversized

Face: Square      Glasses: Chooses sunnies with soft lines or rimless edges to soften the face

Aviator, Rund, Schield


Hope this was a bit helpful, if not, please do not hesitate to ask me questions.

all the best





yours: theconjuringcat

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