Go Velvet …

As the Fall is here, and it has shown us all its beauty and colors. This means it is time to take a look at the Runway Shows of the Fashion Week`s  Month September  2016 and do the listing….What is in and what is even more IN. This Season Velvet is the key word.

Gucci has shown us once again, that with a new Creative Director Alessandro Michele ( the recipient of the International Designer Award at this year’s British Fashion Awards ) …a modern day Picasso of Fashion, the velvet  sky is the limit… literally…

This Soft Fabric is the IT peace of the Fashion World….shoes, bomber jackets, bags, clothing…..The most important thing is…it has to be colorful…Now other Fashion-houses have picked up the trend as well, making a velvet revival.
This specific bomber jacket i did find on www.asos.com.

The thing that catched my eye was the beautiful emerald shade of the green and the way the light hits the velvet fabric, making it much more dimensional. This is actually maybe one of my favorite colors. When i saw this piece i just couldn’t resist, i was mesmerized. Thank you Asos. It is made out of 100 percent cotton, thick fabric, which has a nice feeling to it, considering all the acrylic pieces.
This whole look was in fact Autumn inspire. The warmth of the changing leafs was the biggest muse after all. Combined with berry jeans as a contrast to the emerald shade and black bag. Also chelsea boots to give it that earthy feeling.

You can never do anything wrong with a bomber jacket in velvet, with embroideries on it or not. This autumn, even if it gets cold at the evenings, you can combine the jacket with a big chunky scarf to give a little bit more warmth and cosyness. In addition you can wear a cashmere turtle neck jumper.

So if u want to be on point this season regarding style and fashion…u know the drill….jump on the velvet wagon as well.





I wore:

Glasses: Celine Paris

Bomberjacket : Asos

Scarf :Burberry

Boots: Zara


Urs: theconjuringcat



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