White and Gold

After coming home today, i was more than inspired to do a new post…. A post about interior and specifically how to make your display tray looks much more elegant and well put together. I wanted to use White Gold theme for the purpose. I was kind of surprised and mesmerized to see that almost every store and mall has its Christmas decorations out and about… It is fall and it is not even the middle of October… The jingle cheer is almost here…Anyway…Now you see where my inspiration comes from.

The most important thing about making a display tray look good is the color combination. Think of it as a site scheme here in Internet. My personal favorite is the white and gold combo…but white and silver is as good. White surfaces are chic, regardless if they are crisp white or marble shade. Marble is big deal at the moment, unfortunately not so affordable, but don’t you worry, there are glue sheets in the marble shade that u can easily put on any color of surface. So crisis averted. Or  you can paint a surface in white, which takes a bit more time, but the results are stunning. After getting your surfaces white you will need a hint of color to get rid of that hospital feeling. This is where gold accents or silver ones can do their magic.


If you want your space to look a bit more chic, i would recommend to put a few accessories…on it…maybe a Perfume display under a glass-bell, or on a marble chopping board. Candles are a necessity, scented or not… but be reassured you can never do anything wrong with Joe Malone or Tom Ford, a bit cheaper are the Yankee Candles, which smell more than divine. Another thing you could do is take a golden plate ( it could be made out of plastic or metal ) and put a big white candle in the middle,  decorating the sides of the plate with dried flowers, or if you are a sea child as i am with seashells and white stones.



Also frames are something that could make your space look more modern, sophisticated and fun. Big ones laid back on the wall or smaller ones. The picture inside could be a favorite phrase or a picture of the beloved person, which u prefer. Mine is : “NEVER WRESTLE WITH PIGS, YOU BOTH GET DIRTY…AND THE PIG LIKES IT” by George Bernard Shaw. A golden fruit bowl is always an eye catcher, put on top of a book or magazine.

Furry Cushions and wool plaids make the whole space look brighter, bigger and more cosy.


And the most important thing…Flowers




I hope you could withdraw a little bit inspiration out of this post my lovelies. I am really excited to hear if you could use one of these tips.


Urs: theconjuringcat



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