Daniel Wellington – a modern Classic

Another day, another outfit, another adventure, new stories, new people, but one constant…the Watch.  The Daniel Wellington  watches have clearly become a statement for the new modern man. Classic and sophisticated yet modern and new.

The creator of the brand Filip Tysander had the most beautiful and stunning inspiration…He met a British gentleman when being on a trip. This man with the most genuine scene of style  had his watch on an old NATO strap. His name was Daniel Wellington … The idea was born… and the rest is how they say History…

The Design of the DW watch, keeping it thin, classic, modern  and most of all minimalistic are the qualities that made this wrist wear popular all over the world, turning that concept into a 200 million business. The exchangeable NATO or leather straps make it a statement piece for young and old, for modern and classical, for men and women.

The wide range appeal of this watch is being truly magnified trough the variety and its configuration. After all this is what makes it a more personal piece. Also you can get it in Rose God, Gold or Silver with many exchangeable straps, NATO or leather.

Mine i got almost a year ago as a birthday gift from my beloved mother in law. That is why this watch is so special to me and i treasure it so much. I was familiar with the brand till that point, but i didn’t have the chance to build my own opinion. Until that gift of course. It immediately became one of my favorite watches.

This model is in Rose gold, white inner-life and lambskin leather straps. I was surprised to see that this little buddy is a perfect fit for each and every outfit… May it be a suit, or casual jacket and chinos, may it be a more  sporty look-jumper or gym pants with runners or sneakers, or just a wool jumper with jeans,  you name it.

In conclusion my darlings, if you find yourself in need of a new watch, or if you want to surprise a friend or family member or the beloved person by your side DW is always a really good watch brand, which is affordable and gives a lot of options and most important: Personality.







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