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It is the beginning of November… The temperatures drop continuously every single day, announcing the upcoming winter. With that comes the time to seek something snuggly and warm around someone’s neck… The Burberry Scarfs. Nowadays you can find scarfs almost everywhere. Each boutique, each High Street Shop, each street corner is basically bursting with variety and countless amounts of this product. But sadly quantity does not equal quality.

There is a Fashion House specifically known for its impeccably made scarfs. They are made of the softest cashmere and the most gentle merino wool.  The name of this label?



This British brand is mostly known for its outerwear.  Especially the signature gabardine double breasted trench coat and the iconic scarfs are considered to be the top seller. Burberry emerged on the fashion horizon in early 1856. The founder Thomas Burberry was also the creator of the new material the Gabardine. This material was immediately considered a revolution in the military clothing and later on in the aviator scene.

Today the Fashion House Burberry has a new creative director in the face of Christopher Bailey. He is also a CEO of the company. He stepped in the position of Chief Creative and chief executive officer on 1 May 2014, replacing the former CEO Angela Ahrendts. With him in that role Burberry celebrated some of its greatest successes on the runway, turning shearling trench coats and Aviator jackets in some of the most wanted High End pieces of 2014.

But enough with the History lesson… back to the Scarfs. The scarf range, that can be found in House Burberry, is practically endless. Beside the original 15 shades, Burberry launched more colors, making the whole total range of 45 colors. The customers can next to the classic check to hearts to seasonal floral prints. The newest trend is called monogramming. Burberry puts yours own initials or symbols on the scarf ( thanks to the “scarf bar” ) or also any other merchandise of them, turning the word personalization in a whole new dimension. These precious cosy accessories are made of various luxurious materials: cashmere, silk, cashmere-wool and cotton-silk mixtures.

With the upcoming Winter season and especially Christmas, a Burberry scarf could elevate the whole gift giving. They are expensive, but the cost per wear is definitely worth it. In other words a Burberry scarf is more an investment than just a luxury item.

Lets start our Xmas shopping with something beautiful and worth the money… with BURBERRY.




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