Perfect Parka Time

The most comfortable and beautiful thing about the cold season, is one companion keeping one warm and snuggly trough the freezing period: the Parka. The Perfect Parka Time always has a christmasy jingle to it.

Somehow each year the Parkas get more and more popular, turning their existence into an unthinkable necessity. Every one of us has at least one model of Parka in their wardrobe.  Some have a cotton one for the not so cold days, others a fur lined one. The third alternative is a classic one like the Woolrich Parka, filled with duck down. Facts are this American outerwear style has risen out of the wool segment. Meanwhile it has become one of the most special High Street to High End clothing pieces.

Woolrich is one of the uniquely successful Parka Brands nowadays. The Label came a long way from 1830, when John Rich built the first Woolen Mill in Plum Run in Pennsylvania.  Woolrich went trough the iconic buffalo black and red check shirt in 1850, to the wool blanket production in the civil war, the world war I and world war II.  In the early 70s the Arctic iconic Woolrich Parka was born. It was mostly used as a protection of the pipeline workers in Alaska. The Brand expanded over sea in the late 80s. Today Woolrich merchandise is being sold all over the world in almost every bigger Fashion store.

Woolrich is a brand completely dominating the middle up to high priced section on the Parka scene, along with some more High End luxury brands like Mr. & Mrs. Furs and WeLoveParka.  Where the last two luxury Houses have specialized on products completely  fur lined, Woolrich sticks to the traditional duck down filling, new materials to keep the body warm and allow the skin to breath and the iconic coyote fur hood. The long tradition and hard work have paid of for Woolrich. It turned  into a well known, desired and preferred Brand, not only in the United Stated but all over the world as well.

The Look

This look was created utterly and completely to keep up with the dropping temperatures here in small and snuggly Bonn, where i live. My Woolrich Parka i bought on the Internet. The reason: they did not have my size in the store at that point and i wasn’t willing to wait. For better protection i had a thin down bomber jacket underneath, because lets be hones, i am always cold, no matter how the weather looks like.  The whole outfit was tied together with a Burberry Aviator sunglasses and Fendi Carlito clutch. My thick dark grey trousers are from Zara, as well are the Chelsea boots.








I wore:

Parka : Woolrich

Trousers : Zara

Chelsea Boots: Zara

Clutch: Fendi Carlito

Sunglasses: Burberry

Urs: theconjuringcat


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