Luvenesco beard Treatment

Have you ever asked yourself : Damn, wouldn’t it be great if I do not waste my time going to the Barbour? And wouldn’t it be even better if I could manage my appearance at home? And on a budget!!! The Answer is as simple as the question: Luvenesco beard Treatment.

Every single day we see them on the streets… the Hipsters…. the Businessmen… the Swaggers… the Models! Most of these people have something in common! The beard! from the year 2014 till now  we have been experiencing a literal beard cult! The facial hair has now turned into a fashion statement for most men, getting even more compliments, recognition and attention from the female side.


But what is Luvenesco actually? It is a new brand specifically for the facial hair appearance of the modern man.  Their goals : to change the way we thing in terms of personal grooming and beard care. The products are 100% vegan and all natural, so they can be used by every one of us.

Every kind of beard depends on two things: the mental state of mind and the diet! Less stress means better hair quality. And a diet rich of B vitamins and Omega 3 is crucial for the hair structure of the beard. For instance: fish, eggs, vegetables and more nuts are always welcome on the table.


Nevertheless a healthy beard needs the right products! With their 4 phase treatment Luvenesco has literally hit the nail on the head.  The treatment includes a beard wash, which stripes the hair of all the natural oils and dust. It is a gentle shampoo which is really soft to the hair. Following is the beard oil with jojoba. You need to apply only 2 to 3 drops on the palm of your hand and massage the oil into the beard. This gives shine and prevent the skin from itching. In addition  the beard oil conditions the skin and gives protection the the beard throughout the day.


The third phase is the Luvenesco Beard Balm, which gives structure to the beard thanks to the shea butter.  This product gives volume and nourishes the skin and beard.  While these three phases are maybe more than enough for some of us, Luvenesco has a fourth product, which will soon be on the market: The beard Wax.  While the balm gives volume, the wax tames and sculpts the beard like a hair gel.




Also combing and grooming are a part of a religiously ritual of the beard maintenance. So my friends in conclusion,  if you wanna have a pretty beard, try the products of Luvenesco and jump on the grooming beard wagon.



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