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I have always been struggling when it comes to a birthday or a Christmas party. The one question my mind is circling around is: What kind of a gift shall i get them? So it comes as a fluent consequence to me letting you in on some of my holiday gift ideas.  In other words, if you are a bit clueless, as I am most of the time, just check the things below. Here come my Best Christmas Gifts!

The first thing to remember is…it does not come to the amount of money you spend, but to how much thought you  put in the present itself. For example for a good friend….it should be something personal, to show them how much you appreciate the friendship and how much it means to you to have these people in your life.

For a family member the same rule applies, plus maybe some fun stuff, an album with funny moments or a sketch of themselves made in a funny way!

Furthermore …actually maybe most important: the beloved person. Main rule here is a gift chosen with love and sensuality.

The Perfume

My advice for a new fragrance for the Christmas period this year would be Chanel of course. The Bleu de Chanel Perfume is actually the best festive men scent. It has a really beautiful fresh and clean scent to it, it liberates the scenes and is a perfect companion for a holidays night out or a dinner party. This is a perfume which a modern man would most certainly appreciate and always enjoy. It oozes confidence and gives that unconventional  spark that always sticks in mind when coming in touch with the Bleu.

The female version would be the Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. This specific fragrance is an Omage to the one and only Coco Chanel and captures the crowd with its Oriental and feminine composition. It is sensual, fresh, captivating and longlasting. Every young lady should own this scent to elevate her look on a holly eye.

The Morning Coat

Everyone of us wants a good feeling in the morning, a sensation of home and warmth. The best way to achieve this is with a beautiful and fluffy Morning coat like this one from Hugo Boss. The best thing about it is …. it is unisex. Imagine having your Christmas coffee and breakfast in this cosy companion. This would be the best holiday start ever.


The Shearling Slippers

Another thing that could give joy to him or her is a pair of shearling home Slippers. There is nothing better than warm feet, while strutting down the house!

The Oval Brushes

If you want to make your special lady smile… just gift her these…. The oval Brushes are always welcome in a woman’s world. They make a little go a long way, meaning the spreading of foundation, highlighter, blush and eye-shadows was never easier. Thanks to the synthetic hair which is so thick placed to each other you do not loose any product in the brush itself. And the handle makes the whole process much faster.

Good Natural Cosmetics

I have always tried to find the right cosmetic for myself. I have to be honest i have struggled to find it. That is why when i came across the products of Natura Siberica i was curious. Till that point i have tried almost anything, from drugstore to high end brands. But the stuff for men…is almost every time a bit disappointing to say the least. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Natura Siberica…tried their men line….and i was blown away. The thing that i find fascinating is that the products are made mostly out of herbs and flowers…u cannot go more natural than that!

The Cuffs

These stunning Swarovski Cuffs are a perfect present for the gentleman on your side. They are simple but captivating and simply an eyecatcher.But be sure a shirt for the cuffs which comes with them is even better.


With all that being said, my lovely people, i hope i could make your journey to the perfect Christmas gift a little bit easier and more fun. I wish you all  wonderful holidays and lots of love and cheer.

Urs.: theconjuringcat

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  1. As always a pleasure to read your latests post and enjoy the lovely pictures. Keep going on!
    And I would love to see some of your art work 😉

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