January Favorites

It seems like Christmas was a few days ago, but January is almost passing over.  Nevertheless i look pretty optimistic to the year 2017. And the excitement about the things that are to come is growing bigger by the minute. So without further ado here come my January Favorites, even though there are a few days till the end of it. Continue reading “January Favorites”

Reclaimed Vintage

The sun has just risen on the horizon and this means a new day has started. Hopefully one full with more positive thinking and energy.  For me this is the time to do some work after a bit of chilly photo-shoot yesterday morning. First of all i made myself a herb tea and grabbed a bite to eat. So now that my herb tea is sitting next to me, the laptop is on, a  scented candle is lit we are ready to get started.  Due to the fact that it is men fashion week in Milan, I have looked trough some of the fashion shows. Continue reading “Reclaimed Vintage”

Cologne… a concrete Jungle

Christmas has passed… After a beautiful Holy eve filled with laughter, tasty food, impeccable wine and the most important the Family, the New Year came…  Congratulations to everyone, it is the 2017. I hope you have the best year ever and be healthy and basically a trooper trough the whole year. In addition to the festive cheers there was food and too much Gin tonic. But after a while i got the feeling that the pounds i gained during the festivities must disappear… What a better way than making a trip to Cologne… a concrete Jungle, to shoot, sightseeing and walk. Continue reading “Cologne… a concrete Jungle”