Cologne… a concrete Jungle

Christmas has passed… After a beautiful Holy eve filled with laughter, tasty food, impeccable wine and the most important the Family, the New Year came…  Congratulations to everyone, it is the 2017. I hope you have the best year ever and be healthy and basically a trooper trough the whole year. In addition to the festive cheers there was food and too much Gin tonic. But after a while i got the feeling that the pounds i gained during the festivities must disappear… What a better way than making a trip to Cologne… a concrete Jungle, to shoot, sightseeing and walk.

After a really short trip on the train, a really good friend of me and i reached our destination. Now if anyone of you was in Cologne, you would know that it is a really hectic big city. There are people swarming from every corner of every street and sometimes one can get confused. And yes i am one of those people. Thank god i was not alone. Trough the day we visited the media park, walked across many beautiful buildings, took some shots in the nature and at the end we landed in a Starbucks to enjoy a good cup of cappuccino and grab something to bite. In the evening it was time to take the train back home… I enjoy trips like that, but my heart always beats faster when coming home to sweet old Bonn.

The Look

It is actually very cold in Germany right now, so that is why for this look i had to take my Woolrich Parka, to keep me warm and cosy. The Fur hood is always the better alternative to a scarf. The thick cable knit sweater is from H&M and was currently in the sale section, so if u want to score it, now would be the time.  It is 50 % wool, so it is incredibly warm. The chinos are from H&M from their premium collection. They are really thick cotton material in tan or beige. The whole look was finished with white Adidas leather sneakers. The white sneakers make the whole outfit much easier and casual. The backpack is from Fendi and the socks are Calvin Klein.

With all that being said, remember, be stylish throughout the day, because the clothes make the first Impression.

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