Reclaimed Vintage


The sun has just risen on the horizon and this means a new day has started. Hopefully one full with more positive thinking and energy.  For me this is the time to do some work after a bit of chilly photo-shoot yesterday morning. First of all i made myself a herb tea and grabbed a bite to eat. So now that my herb tea is sitting next to me, the laptop is on, a  scented candle is lit we are ready to get started.

Due to the fact that it is men fashion week in Milan, I have looked trough some of the fashion shows. Because of that the men blogger world is literally on fire. After charging my batteries with all this inspiring fashion pieces from runway shows like Pitti in Florence,  Dieselblackgold, Armani and the current Dolce & Gabbana the work calls. This is probably the best atmosphere for me to do something productive. The new piece i shot is a new jacket of mine from the brand Reclaimed Vintage.

Reclaimed Vintage is a brand which specializes in vintage pieces, new materials and impeccable fashion. It is being distributed on and guarantees the retro vibe but with a modern twist. Because of the classic vintage design Reclaimed Vintage is maybe the best online alternative to a thrift shop. In addition to menswear classics like the biker jacket here one can find quality tees and superb denim shirts.

The Look

This Outfit of the Day is completely designed to put the jacket in the center of attention.  The soft pink suede leather  combined with the deep blue of the zara jumpsuit. This color combination is maybe a match made in heaven.  In addition to the jumpsuit i have chosen white turtle neck. The turtle necks are having a big revival at the moment. Because of the crisp white the jacket is even more accentuated. To tie the white of the turtle neck in the whole outfit i put white leather sneakers on and a Goyard clutch.

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