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It seems like Christmas was a few days ago, but January is almost passing over.  Nevertheless i look pretty optimistic to the year 2017. And the excitement about the things that are to come is growing bigger by the minute. So without further ado here come my January Favorites, even though there are a few days till the end of it.


In terms of fragrances i have two favorites, which really stood out this month. First would be the Hermes un Jardin en Mediterranee.

This perfume is a celebration of the Mediterranean. It leaves us stranded in a herbal garden beside the sea. The tree notes of this fragrance include fig, mastic and red cedar combined with bergamot, orange blossom and white oleander. If you have never been to Greek or Italy, but have always wanted to, this perfume will most certainly take you there.

The second one is a bit odd. The chanel N 19 eu de Toilette. It is a actually a woman fragrance, which by the life of me is more than Unisex one.

Notes of Iris Pallida and Galbanum make the fragrance a perfect evening companion. The green tee  and the wood scent complete this ensemble of heavy perfume.


Face and Body

I have been looking for the perfect facial scrub for a while now.  One thought that never crossed my mind was, that it would be difficult to find. That is why i was so happy to find the Biotherm Homme Facial Exfoliator in the duty free shop. The small exfoliating particles gently remove any form of dirt of the face and make the skin look lighter and the complexion brighter.

The Voyage d’Hermes Shower gel is the perfect product for the shower routine. It has the masculine earthy leather smell of the Perfume without being too overwhelming.


Cashmere Beanie

The next item i just love is a cashmere Beanie  from H&M. The quality is really really good, it is soft, keeps your warm and the best…. Camel color is always a necessity when it comes to knits.


Delfina Delettrez Bracelet

The work of an exceptional designer is always something i am fond of. So as a natural consequence came my admiration for the jewels Delfina Delettrez makes. Always something new and so inspirational. Using the most unusual motives and getting her statement trough. This bracelet i got for Christmas from my beloved partner. And what can i say… it is unique and simply stunning.


 Gucci Belt

Regarding belts i have to say that the Gucci Marmont Belt has being a savior this month. The brown leather with the metallic antic buckle is just everything one can wish from a belt.


Fendi Carlito Clutch

And where to end my favorites list? Of course with a bag, what else? This men’s Fendi Carlito clutch is everything to complete a look, either elegant or casual. Fendi is one of these Labels who just can do no wrong, they are excellent in manufacturing leather pieces and fur as well. Maybe they are the best on the market.

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