Bonn with Allsaints


It is the 27 of January and it is exactly one week after my Birthday. I woke up today and after a quick glance trough the window i had the feeling the weather would not play along for the photo shoot i had planned. Clouds were up in the sky almost announcing the upcoming rain. I had no choice but to stay at home. Not that i mind, i love my place and everything about it. After i was ready with my morning ritual, drinking a cup of hot herbal tee and having a bit of porridge for breakfast i had to change plans. Or didn’t I? Or were i actually brave enough to risk it? Hell YEAH! I had an appointment with my best friend and we were ready. My new Allsaints shearling Jacket was supposed to be the center piece of the shoot. Basically Bonn with Allsaints.


The Look

This specific look was inspired by the weather. I have opted for more dark colors, injecting a bit of color with blue ripped jeans. The Grey wool Cardigan from COS seemed like a perfect choice for this look. Its beautiful  degrade shade makes it modern and sophisticated. Its backside is actually cotton, so that the material mix is also there. If there is something you need to know about me… mixing materials is a passion of mine. The black Chelsea Boots i have chosen are from Zara. I was not sure if a Chelsea boot or maybe a worker boot would be even better to complete the look… Anyhow…The bag is from Lagerfeld, it is really thick leather handbag, which is perfect for traveling as well. Especially when it has a separate compartment for a laptop. It is sturdy and heavy, exactly how i like my bags.

The Centerpiece of the whole look is of course the Jacket. This beautiful shearling piece of Allsaints i did find online. I always struggle when i see something i like, and if it has a quite hefty price….But somehow this time that was not the case. That is how much i liked it… it was love at first sight. The detailing on the collar, with the leather stripes, the buttons on the sleeves, even the cotton part on the biceps area…. everything was perfect. many of you may wonder, what is that shearling jacket with cotton parts? Wouldn’t it be cold when there are cotton bits. I can answer to that question, why this area is not made of sheepskin. Comfort and movement. It is as simple as that….

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