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After hopefully a good night sleep I wake up around 7 o’clock. Sometimes a bit earlier, other times a bit later. It depends. Nevertheless the first thing I do after opening my eyes is checking my social media and comment on some of your pictures and comments. After that I go in the bathroom and brush my teeth and take a fast shower and then I start my morning detox routine…

L’Oreal Detox Clay Face Mask


Once I get out of the shower, yes I shower extremely hot, I reach for my detox clay mask by L’Oreal. The hot water opens the pores and allows the mask to get deep into the skin and detox it. It is black clay mask which cleans the skin leaving it more radiant and clear. The 3 sorts of clay included in the black mask absorb all the sebum and remove the dirt.


Glass of Lemon Water


While waiting for the detox mask to harden I head up to the kitchen. And pour myself a glass of warm water…even before my herbal tee. I cut a lemon in slices and put them in the glass. The lemon water stimulates the metabolism and pulls all the toxines out of your body. The vitamin C helps your immune system and the absorption of other micro-elements like copper… After drinking it all up, I may make another…it depends on my mood and state of mind.

Coconut Milk


Another thing I like to do in order to stay healthy, detoxed and hydrated is to drink a small glass of coconut milk. It is much healthier than the regular milk because it has more fatty acids, which give energy without raising your cholesterol levels. In fact the coconut milk does exactly the opposite….it lowers the cholesterol, the blood pressure and is really good for the heart function, preventing heart attack or even stroke. Though it is really high in calories you can choose coconut water as a product which has less calories, but still has the same benefits.

Cucumber Face Tonic


One thing I really enjoy after washing my face is using a tonic to get rid of any residual sebum and dirt. The thing I have found out is that a self-made cucumber face tonic works best for my skin. How to make it? It is really simple. You would need half of cucumber, then you must grate the cucumber, if possible really small, and after that pressing the juice out. Basically you would need the juice of the cucumber and a spritzer of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Take a cotton pad soaked with the tonic and apply on your face. You will immediately feel the skin getting tighter and also lighter. The Cucumber extract moisturizes the skin leaving it being plumb and slick.



My breakfast consists out of cereal, wheat or maybe when I am naughty choco puffs…. Nevertheless I always like mixing fruits in it. Blueberries are actually my favorite, plums, and many kind of seeds, pumpkin, sesame… or sunflower seeds. I always use coconut milk as well. I do not take dairy very well so that is why I prefer staying away from it. I also love putting supplements like green grass, spinach and cale in powder form.

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