Camel in the Village


Today my lovely people I have sat down to write a new blog-post after a bit of a break due to flu season. The theme I am circling around has to do with one of my favorite colors… Camel and especially the Camel coat. There are many options on the market for the new trendy coat. On High Street H&M and Zara are clearly a perfect choice. On the Designer site i can recommend Maison Margiela or Burberry. Recently Balmain has also caught my eye, due to their amazing structured coats.  Regardless which you choose designer or not, there are a few things to consider.

1. Step

The first thing and maybe the most important is the material. I am pretty sure that most of you would say the cut… but the material is what makes or breaks the look. Some stunning choices are wool or cashmere blend. Another one is a mohair mix. The materials of the coat are important because they give the luxe feeling to it and the first impression. And we all know that first impressions are what counts. High quality materials are also to be found in stores on the High Street. The one I am wearing today is a Zara coat, which costs 120 Euro.

2. Step

The second thing to be considered is of course the cut of the coat. Do you prefer a double breasted one or not? With a belt or not? Which style goes more with your wardrobe? Oversized or fitted? At this point the oversized coats are making a revival in shows of Fashion Week. But you always have to consider what occasion are you dressing up for. For socializing with friends and colleagues on daily basis an oversized coat would be a good choice, but for a more important event or meetings a fitted one is to be preferred.


The third thing when choosing a camel coat or actually every coat is the craftsmanship. This means how well the coat is made, are the seems well done, are the buttons even and sewn right and is the stitching impeccable. Another thing to look at is the lining and its stitching.


The Look

For this look I have opted for a cashmere beanie hat from H&M to match it to the Zara camel coat. The wool bordeaux jumper is from Scotch and Soda. The wine red to the camel is really a great combination and makes the colors pop even more. For a bit more casual look I have chosen ripped jeans from Zara combined with my brown Gucci marmont belt.

With all that being said I hope I could help you at least a bit for you to  appreciate the camel coat.

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