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As we are all headed to almost the middle of March the days are getting longer and longer. The weather is changing and it is getting warmer by the minute.  It is finally time to get rid of the big bulky shearling coats and parkas and replacing them with more compact but still warm outerwear.  After making sure that everything is stored the right way the fun part comes: Layering.  The cashmere pieces for spring are my favorite.

Fun Cashmere Facts

Have you ever wondered what exactly cashmere is and why it is so expensive?

  1. Cashmere is a fabric which name comes from a goat living in the region Kashmir in India/Pakistan.
  2. The fabric is obtained by combing the lower layer of the cashmere goat’s hair.
  3. It has great insulation properties. It can keep a person warm even by -30 °C .
  4. If washed properly the fabric keeps its original shape even after years.
  5. The fibers are 6 times thinner than a human’s hair.
  6. The cashmere goat produces 4 to 6 ounces of under hair…. which makes the product so expensive.
  7. Cashmere could be dyed, but comes naturally in three colors, gray, brown and white.
  8.  The more thinner the cashmere the more softer it gets.
  9. China is the leading cashmere export country in the world.

The Look

For this specific photo shoot i have opted for a beautiful burgundy drykornforbeautifulpeople blazer. The fitted cut makes it even more sophisticated and modern. The big side pockets are a distinctive reminder of the kanzler jacket. The simple but suttle details on some of the stitches are a drop of fun pink color. And the lining is a more of an eye-catcher in indigo snake print. Due to its insulation quality the cashmere fabric keeps you warm, but your skin is actually able to breath. That is why the possibility to build up sweat is practically non existent. The fitted Jacket with its perfect lines is a stunning piece, which can be combined to many occasions and events.

Due to the rich color of the jacket i have decided to keep the rest simple and more in the neutral palette. Grays and beige are perfect match for the look. The Acne cashmere turtle neck jumper is basically a constant companion of mine, so it was a natural choice. It is really thin but really warm, which makes it most usable as a layering piece. It is a 100 percent cashmere piece, which feels incredible soft on the skin.

The beige chino pants are from David Beckham’s collection for H&M. They are beautifully tailored. The cotton fabric is nice and thick and it has a really nice rich feeling to it. One can say much, but the chino pants from H&M are just stunning in quality. It is as simple as that.

The gray suede desert style  shoes are from Zara. They complete the whole look perfectly and seal all the pieces together.

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5 thoughts on “Cashmere pieces for spring

  1. Hello dude! I love the way your blog is set up! I love this outfit! Your blazer is everything! That color looks so great on you! I love how you broke down everything you are wearing! I really enjoyed reading your post and looking at your truly amazing outfit! I can’t wait to see more from you.
    Much love, my friend.

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