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With the beginning of a new day everything seems possible. There is this positive energy in the air and you know everything is possible. You can achieve anything, just go and get it. But first it is the 8 of march. So the first thing to do here is to congratulate all the women on their special day. Stay as you are, be positive awesome and happy……Unfortunately the weather on this beautiful day was not so cool. It was really a windy and cold day, but that does not stop me from doing my arrangements. So due to the weather conditions it just had to be a wool bomber in the city.

After few meetings and way too many coffee breaks it was almost the end of all the things i just had to do. This meant of course also shooting time. Finally i could make something creative.

The Look

For the windy weather i have chosen a wool jacket. Even though we are almost in spring mode it gets a bit chilly and wet on some days. This piece is a black baseball cut bomber jacket, sportive and elegant. It is thick and warm, which makes it perfect alternative to a coat. The leather trim on the shoulders gives it that sportive look, but without breaking the sophistication and elegance of the black color. We all have seen that the Bomber jacket had a huge comeback on the men’s fashion weeks last year and also this season. Maybe one of the starter of this global phenomenon were Gucci with their embroided and embellished bomber pieces and of course Saint Lauren.

I just felt on that day that i would have to take a scarf with me, which was not a problem, especially because i am a huge fan of  this accessory. It is funny how a piece of luxurious fabric can elevate the whole look and give more dimension to the outfit. I have opted for a crush velvet scarf in black. It is really amazingly soft and keeps incredible warm.

The Chinos are from H&M David Beckham Collection. In my opinion the best Chinos on the market, thick, elegant, just beautiful fabric.

A good quality bag is almost always a necessity to complete a look. This one from Louis Vuitton is maybe my favorite one. The simple fact that you can wear it cross-body or use the handles is just life savor for me. The beautiful damier ebene complements the whole fashion ensemble.

To edging the whole up i have opted for Christian Louboutin spike sneakers. The spikes in black, gold and silver are just an exceptional choice if you ask me.

The accessories are simple and silver kept…. The Hermes clic clac bracelet in white enamel and my new chain ring in stainless steel from cK.

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