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Hello guys, today was maybe one of the best days in the 2017. It was sunny, warm and quite frankly just a blast to be out and about. After a bit of a stormy conditions a few days before there was a sudden change in the temperatures. In case you are wondering, i am talking about the beautiful country Germany. The question which remained: Is Suede for spring. And especially when the weather is changing so much…one minute there is a pouring rain and the next…. ”I got sunshine in my pocket”.

The Look

As i was looking trough my wardrobe, trying to sort things out… a beautiful clothing piece emerged. Do you actually know the feeling, when you find something “new” under piles of clothing? Isn’t that the best?

I found this amazing Suede Coat with hand-painted under collar in the most rich and beautiful beige neutral color. The leather is really soft hugs the body and fits like a glove. The black buttons, the epaulette and the lovely belt give structure and hold to the suede fabric. I really enjoy the smell of suede to be honest. Do you as well?  The color is really suitable for almost every occasion. May it be a party, a formal event, dinner or just casual street wear. This jacket is for certain an iconic and timeless piece, which will guarantee compliments on the streets. But the fit of the coat is also something to be considered.

However beautiful one clothing piece is… it is never something you reach for if it does not fit properly. So the best trick is to put it on, button up and try lifting both arms forward up to your head level. If there is no pressure or tension, you are good to go. Do not forget that sometimes you should have enough space, for more clothing underneath and layering.


Here i have opted for pieces in the neutral color scheme. The trousers are once again David Beckham for H&M. The light gray chinos are the perfect match for this outfit. I just cannot praise these enough, especially for the cost per wear factor. The white leather sneaker are also H&M and kind of an homage to the adidas sneakers. To be quite honest i bought these just as a joke, i was pretty sure i wasn’t going to like them. The sneakers were my first shoe buy from the Sweden Label, but i was just blown away with the quality.

The beige mohair jumper is one from Isabel Marant. It is really stunning piece, thin, but really warm and light as a feather. With this jumper on cold will become practically a non existent word.

The scarf is an iconic masterpiece from Burberry. If you want to know more about the Brand and their scarfs just click here.

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