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It is not every day in March that we have so much sun and warmth. Especially not in Germany. So as a natural consequence everyone is trying to enjoy the sun rays. Getting more active and doing something for the summer beach body and own health. For some it is going to the gym, for others jogging, for third hiking and long photo shootings in the most fashionable clothes. Forget about the green juice… ( don’t really, it is actually my favorite ) here comes green fashion. Meaning Green as the color.

Green the color

Now when i am talking about green i do not mean the vegan lifestyle or anything which may do with nutrition. I am referring to the color… What does the color green stand for? It is actually the most common in the nature. It is said to calm a person down and relieve stress, increasing creativity and concentration.  From a symbolic point of view green is the color of nature, health, rebirth. Most people connect the color  also with wealth, money, vitality. Now there are many more meanings and assumptions to and about the color… in the Celtic mythology the god of fertility is represented in green, it is associated with Sundays in the Catholic church,  it is the color of Leprechauns in Irish folklore.It  is was also the favorite color of Gorge Washington.

According to Pantone ( world’s color authority ) green will be the color of 2017. Pretty big step from last year’s Rose scheme. It was already spotted on runways for Spring 2017. The new Balenciaga’s collection was filled with the “Greenery”. So it is just a matter of time until the other industries like beauty and interior design follow that trendy color movement.

The Look

Today’s outfit is basically an homage to this specific color.

The beautiful emerald green Bomber jacket in velvet has clearly turned out to be my best buy of 2016. I found this piece after a long and stressing day at work, on the Asos site, where else? After checking almost every corner of the Jacket and Coat section i did see that beauty. I did not hesitate, not even for a moment. The price was compelling and i already did have good impression on the Asos quality. Due to the shimmering velvet that bomber could be combined with almost everything, black, green, jeans color, gray, even red.

Here  i have paired it with a green Burberry shirt. If you know me or if you are following my work and blog for a time, you would know that i am literally obsessed with that brand. The quality and the craftsmanship of their garments are more than modern and pure perfection. I have tucked the sleeves of the jacket a bit so that the beautiful green check of the shirt is showing.

The ripped jeans are from Zara.  I have chosen these because they are really tight and accentuate the ankle beautifully. The chained boots are Buffalo’s, a German brand which makes really good quality leather foot wear.  Gucci marmont belt is the statement peace on my hips, with the gorgeous GG buckle. My watch is from Seiko and the jewelry from Cartier. The shade i am wearing are from Celine, the Shadow shades.

I hope you like that look and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

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