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Hello my lovely people, today i am coming at you with another post. It has to do with luxury items and quite frankly with one of my most beloved brands and also piece in my wardrobe, a Viktor & Rolf Smoking Jacket . Known mostly for its amazing fragrances flowerbomb and spicebomb, Viktor & Rolf is actually relative new in the fashion universe.  After studying together Viktor Hosting and Rolf Snoeren have teamed up to create a new fashion brand, dutch, innovative and modern. By pushing the boundaries of fashion they inspire more and more young designers to basically dream big. I am curious to know which is your favourite luxury brand?



The designers have made huge impact on the haute couture scene, their strong and exaggerated silhouettes are always designed to perfection. After taking over the haute couture world their first ready to wear collection was completely sold out in days. Since then the name stands for luxury, empowerment and quite frankly beauty.

The Look


My outfit of the day for this post is more spring or even summer inspired. I have chosen colors, which are more in the white scheme. My goal was achieving that pure and clean crisp look which everybody loves when the sun in up.

The Blazer

The beautiful structured Viktor & Rolf blazer, i have chosen to be the center piece, i found a few months ago. It came in a beautiful white garment sleeve with the matching trousers of course. But as i am more of a casual type of guy i prefer mismatching these two with different pieces. Unless of course i would be going to a Gala, which is never the case. The Blazer is structured with really strong shoulders.  It is fitted and made out of the softest wool and silk i have ever touched in my entire life. The details on the lapel and the buttons just show the quality of the garment and the craftsmanship. The pockets, the slit and every seem are impeccable.

I have combined the blazer with a striped t shirt from Baldessarini, which breaks the strong sophistication of the blazer and creates a veil of casualty. As a natural consequence i added the really distressed very light blue jeans from H&M and my Converse chucks in leather with colorful stamps on.


Glasses from Gentlemonster Love Punch

Hermes Clic-Clac bracelet in white emanel

Cartier Love bracelet in silver

Urs: theconjuringcat

16 thoughts on “Viktor & Rolf

  1. Hello my friend! Wow! I love this whole look. The light blazer looks awesome! And I am in love with those shoes. They seriously look so nice! I want a pair, lol. Great outfit dude. Can’t wait to read your next post!

  2. That Viktor & Rolf blazer really fits you so well! And I love how you dressed it down by pairing it with some ripped jeans and fun converse sneakers. It’s got such an effortless sort of look to it. You look fab! And those sunglasses are killer

  3. I love to mismatch things too and wear a blazer with distressed denim is the perfect way to do that! As for Viktor & Rolf I’ve loved them since the beginning (yes, I’m that old, haha) and always look forward to their next collection! Great job, my friend!

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