Happy Easter with Burberry

Hi guys! Let me start by wishing you a happy Easter holiday. May you all be safe and with your beloved person and families. As some of you might already know or guess…. today’s post is about that occasion. By entering spring and especially the month April the big Easter egg madness starts. Most of us go to church and dinner at the parent’s house. That is why it is always beneficial to dress up a little, just do not overdo it. And here comes my secret weapon: Burberry Trench-coat. Continue reading “Happy Easter with Burberry”

Hugo Boss forever

Spring is beautiful, but also it is unpredictable. Some days it is warm and the sun is shining, spreading good vibes. And on other days… well then it is literally raining cats and dogs. So the question: “What to wear?” is a pretty good one. The one thing that is maybe constant in the spring men fashion is… You can never go wrong with Boss. Hugo Boss forever. Continue reading “Hugo Boss forever”