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Spring is beautiful, but also it is unpredictable. Some days it is warm and the sun is shining, spreading good vibes. And on other days… well then it is literally raining cats and dogs. So the question: “What to wear?” is a pretty good one. The one thing that is maybe constant in the spring men fashion is… You can never go wrong with Boss. Hugo Boss forever, especially a Hugo Boss Coat.


The Brand was founded 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in Germany. At first it was orientated on military garments and outer wear, especially during the Second World War. But after Werner Baldessarini was announced for leading designer in 1975 the path for Hugo Boss as an international label was set in motion. Even more so in 2008, when the Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior ex manager Claus-Dietrich Lahrs stepped in the leading position of the brand.

Hugo Boss’s main trajectory, which included men’s wear was expanded, the Boss Woman line came into life, as well as Boss Orange and Boss child collection.

The Boss garments are known for their structured silhouettes and strong lines, also for the best materials. The sophistication and elegance are the two ingredients which make the brand so successful. The Hugo Boss look is made to captivate, inspire and always stay in mind. Wearing their pieces one can always be sure : ” I will be noticed! And i can concur the world!”

The Look

The center of today’s look is the Hugo Boss coat. It is a classic cut coat in a beautiful maroon brown shade. I accumulated this item a while back, when i was on the hunt for a really classic blazer. At the end the coat made the cut. The thing i like most about it is that it is not made of thick wool fabric. This means it can be worn in the autumn and in the spring as well, without getting your body to overheat or sweat. Another major plus is that no matter what kind of look you go for, that Hugo Boss piece will always elevate your style. For example a combination that i really enjoy is a hoodie underneath the coat.

Here i have combined that piece with a dark chocolate brown wool jumper from H&M. By using accessories like leather bracelets and XXL Burberry scarf i tried to achieve a little more modern look. The classic cut trousers are cuffed at the end to show more of the beautiful leather Zara worker boot.

With all that being said i hope i did manage somehow to invoke your love for that brand.

Take care guys


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5 thoughts on “Hugo Boss forever

  1. Hello dude! Wow! What perfect details here! That Boss coat is everything. You styled this to perfection and I got to give you props for that! The whole outfit is perfect! I would totally wear this!
    Much Love, Dom

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