Backpacking in the City

When you find yourself on a trip, in a new city or in a new country even, there is one thing, that is crucial. The Backpack. That is why, it is really important to have a sturdy and comfortable one at your side. The backpack does not have to be ginormous, but roomy enough to keep all your essentials close and in reach.  Here is my new post about Backpacking in the city. Continue reading “Backpacking in the City”

The Windy Island of Föhr Part 2

Hello my lovely people! As i promised you in my last blog post, here comes the Part 2 of my  island of Föhr vacay. A small recap: after a long journey we arrived and started sightseeing. A couple of days have passed. On the third one i had a secret mission. The sunrise was at 5:47 and for the life of me i was determined… to take pictures. Continue reading “The Windy Island of Föhr Part 2”

The Windy Island of Föhr Part 1

The Arrival

It is the 28 of April and the long awaited journey is finally happening. What an amazing way to leave all the problems and cares behind. Isn’t that the great feeling in the world? Only downside is that we had to get up at 3 am and that there was a day of traveling ahead of us, but whatever. After everything was packed and even double checked we were ready to go. Oh i almost forgot to tell you, where this journey was to… to the second biggest island of Germany, Föhr. Continue reading “The Windy Island of Föhr Part 1”