The Windy Island of Föhr Part 2


Hello my lovely people! As i promised you in my last blog post, here comes the Part 2 of my  island of Föhr vacay. A small recap: after a long journey we arrived and started sightseeing. A couple of days have passed. On the third one i had a secret mission. The sunrise was at 5:47 and for the life of me i was determined… to take pictures. The alarm was loud and clear… I woke up, made myself ready and went out. My weapon of choice was my Sony Alpha 5100. I was ready and nothing was stopping me. Nothing besides the freezing wind…

When i went out the sea air filled my lunges. It was freezing cold, cause of the wind, but just beautiful. I had the most magical moment on the beach…alone… just me, myself and I. No person was to be seen on the whole beach, just a few seagulls and the sound of the waves crashing on the sand. I sat down on the bridge and waited… and enjoyed.


As a fashion blogger it is natural to take pictures, to shoot looks, accessories, new outfits and most perfectly on new locations. That is why every traveling adventure and every new place is to be used as efficient as it gets. Basically i had at least three looks with me, which i wanted to shoot. My Talbot shearling Jacket from AllSaints was my best companion on that vacation, when it came to clothes. Furthermore i have opted for Diesel jeans, H&M knitted sweater, Burberry scarf and my shearling UGGs boots.

The Exploring

After the shooting we went to our local cafe to have a raspberry coco brownie and my favorite drink… hot chocolate with a bit of a something something (rum). Let me just say, this was the most instagrammable place ever. The china, the atmosphere, the flair, everything was perfect. While enjoying these small rituals i learned to appreciate the moment right here and now. It may sound strange, but that time with the partner and the family is just so precious and important. Exactly the small things matter and fulfill. I am also more than lucky to be able to “work” with my better half on the shootings and on creating new content for my blog.

After having a bit of a relaxing pause we went looking for gifts for friends, postcards, and of course something to keep for ourselves as a reminder of that beautiful place. The lunch was more than random… We suddenly found the Burgerbus…It had such a charming USA flair… and served the most delicious burgers and fried chips.We walked besides the marina, where the boats were, we enjoyed the interesting architecture and  mostly the feeling of not being in a hurry, of not having to do something or be stressed, because of something. It was serenity… all the way….

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9 thoughts on “The Windy Island of Föhr Part 2

  1. Those pictures have such a great quality, woah! And yes, the style is a must! The pictures and blogging is also as a fashion blogger! Love all of this and it looks like you had a wonderful stay

  2. This is so amazing, the writing is so perfect, such a lovely look to bro, love your blog, keep it up and looking forward always to be back!


  3. I actually had to google where exactly Föhr is as I’ve never heard of it and because of its immense beauty. I’m glad to discover it’s not that far from me at all really, almost on the Danish border (I live up in Stockholm however, so it’s a bit of a distance). The place is truly instafriendly as you said and the feeling of being alone on the beach before anyone else is up is amazing. I must put this down on my list of places to visit when I drive through Germany some day. 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard of Föhr before like Thomas, but your post certainly has me more intrigued now than ever. The beach there is like no other I’ve seen before. And what is that Burgerbus? Do you order burgers on the bus and get off when done? If so, we certainly need one of those here 🙂

  5. I am with Candace and Tommy about Fohr but I am completely fascinated by it now. You beautiful pictures and spectacular Account is truly inspiring. I am drawn to your Talbot Shearling Coat from All Saints and love how you styled it. Everything here is extremely delightful! Thank you so much!!

  6. This place looks incredible. LOVED those first few pictures over the water and the beach. Your cold weather fashion choices were also on point, I loved that jacket!

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