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When you find yourself on a trip, in a new city or in a new country even, there is one thing, that is crucial. The Backpack. That is why, it is really important to have a sturdy and comfortable one at your side. The backpack does not have to be ginormous, but roomy enough to keep all your essentials close and in reach.  Here is my new post about Backpacking in the city.

The Fit

As i mentioned earlier… the first thing to look into is the fit of the backpack. With that i do not mean if every single thing from your wardrobe fits inside. Much more meant is if the backpack fits to your style and personality. Be bold if you want, be casual, be smart…. and your backpack should represent that. The fact is… that piece is almost always practical… but you can make it be fun as well and there is nothing wrong with that. For example, if you are more of a sportive guy and need the backpack more for gym purposes, there are many  alternatives like Adidas or Herschel, if you need it for uni or maybe your job, you can easily opt for a more sophisticated one. If you work in fashion or if you are a real fashion lover, one of the trendy high end pieces like Gucci or Louis Vuitton is also appropriate.

The Colors

Nowadays we live in a society, which is more or less defined by color and the visual perspective of things. It applies not only to fashion, but also design, music, technology, economy. Almost every branch of life is following that path. So why not define your backpack among these rules as well. There is a whole colorful jungle to choose from…. colors, patterns, monogrammed, leather, textile, extravagant to maybe less extravagant… The actual question is, which one you feel most comfortable with and more you.

My Choice

As a fashion blogger i prefer a more modern backpack. I love colors and especially the vibrant prints of the Brand Gucci at the moment. That is why i opted for this colorful and fun bag from the Tian collection. It is not really the biggest one, but for a trip in the city… it is more than perfect. With summer coming i knew i did not want a dark colored backpack, which is more depressing, but something sophisticated with an edge… Gucci was the right choice. The brown leather trimming of that piece gives it some softness and it is easier to combine with your outfits. The flowers and the leafs in combination with the jungle birds make it stand out and also stay in mind.

Things I Need in My Backpack

I am by far not a pro when packing a bag, but here are some things i almost always have in my backpack. A charger is something that maybe is as important as my wallet and keys. Blister pads…. because i have a bit of feet situation… basically the skin on my feet is so sensitive, that almost each pair of shoes cause me troubles. A hand sanitizer also comes in handy throughout the day. My music, a tote cloth bag, in case i buy groceries, an umbrella, sunglasses, and yes… in Germany both are necessity. Also gum, hand cream, face moisturizer and a fragrance. I am currently using the Dior Suavage for men and i have to say i am obsessed with that scent.

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  1. All the features you need for a good backpack are definitely written down on your blog! The one you chose is so far my fave one out of all the backpacks I’ve read about today! Gucci is such a great find for these bags!

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