Marine look on the hook


Hello my lovely people, today i am coming at you with a new style for me, personally. We all know the feeling… It is hot, you are sweating bullets. And you do not really need clothes, or want them for that matter. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, you want to look presentable and chic, even when it is hot outside… Despite the sweating.My personal fave for the day is the marine look.

Occasionally you look for something more luxurious to hug your body. Something to give you the feeling of wa-wa-wa-wom. Something to catch the attention and give you the Italian chic style, we all see on the runways. That was my dilemma a few days ago. I was fed up with my wardrobe. Besides me trying to find something to wear from the stuff i own, i did a few internet purchases… You know the drill. If it won’t break the bank… why leave it?

The Look

First of all there are maybe a few things to consider. What keeps one cool? What looks good? Which fabrics are more suitable for the hot weather and breathe? Basically when you wake up and it is time to create your look, you should know the basics for summer outfits.

Simple rules is: Natural fabrics are more suitable and will most likely keep one cool. With naturals i mean linen or cotton. Leather and suede are less breathable and that is why i would not recommend them.

For this look i have chosen a Baldessarini cotton Tee in striped marine look. And I have combined it with a smart straight cotton dress pants from H&M. Once again I have to say that these pants from the David Beckham collection for H&M are my favorites. My bag is a Goyard clutch in blue to complement the look and keep my essentials. Many of you may think, that a clutch is a women’s bag, but thank god the designers are coming up with men clutches. because they make an outfit much cooler and smarter. Besides… who needs a big heavy bag to carry around all the way?

My bracelet is my beloved and so treasured Delfina Deletrez bangle, which is a green one…i know but don’t we all need a splash of color to make our daily life not boring?

But the thing i have to rave maybe most about are the leather sneaker, which are a bit of a creeper style. Let’s play a game! I would love to know your opinion! Which brand do you think these shoes are ? Lately i have been really fascinated with the H&M premium quality collection for shoes. These particular ones are 100% real leather and the craftsmanship is legit. Honestly if I saw these in a boutique i would think they cost over 600 Euro. Real price: 79, reduced to 49. If that is not a bargain I can only say: Jesus take the wheel!

10 thoughts on “Marine look on the hook

  1. Oh my goodness! Seriously fabulous from head to toe! You are so right about wearing breathable fabrics like cotton for this time of the year. I’ve seriously never seen the nautical look done in such a classy way. My husband likes the David Beckham collection as well and I totally want to recreate this whole outfit for him !

  2. I love this nautical look! So perfect for summer. And the fabrics look so great for the heat. This outfit looks so classy on you! I love what you did with the bandana, especially.

  3. Nautical is always one of my favorite looks. Something about white and navy stripes just gets me! Love how you paired it with the rolled up khakis and perfectly clean white sneakers. Such an effortless summer look

  4. I absolutely adore this style on you! It’s something I could wear right away and whoever said clutches were for women only was not qualified to make that statement for sure as we guys can pull it off equally well (sometimes even better). I agree about the H&M shoe collection. I’m wearing and tearing so many white pairs of kicks all of the time so when I need new fresh ones I just go there and buy a pair as their quality is amazing considering the price. It’s a wonder more people haven’t discovered this yet really.

  5. I thought it was just me who sweats all through summer. There are many times that I just want to go outside in under clothes and that’s it because of how hot and humid it is! I have never seen a bandana tied like this as an accessory, but I kind of like it. I may have to try this one myself. Nice casual look šŸ™‚

  6. This look is so great. I am loving the striped tee with those khaki pants….AND I love those white shoes. You are totally rockin this look and you pull it off so well!

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