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Who does not love traveling? If you ask anyone i am sure, that the answer will always be: I love it! And the once who say they don’t, well they are probably lying.  The excitement, the trembling, the realization, that you really need a vacation, good shopping and delicious food and some exquisite wine! These are just some of the perks that come in mind. Also the possibility to see new cities and encounter cultures. Even just seeing something new, like a new promenade nearby the see or a marvelous bridge in the mountain. But the thing that matters the most to me personally is the new adventure and the fashion that comes with it and especially the prints.

As Fall is slowly but surely approaching, the fashion is somehow staying the same. Bomber jackets are still on trend, prints of leaves, birds, animals are pretty much still accurate. Slogans on accessories like bags, clutches, footwear are here to stay. And whoever thought…. thank God Fall is here and we won’t see stripes and Gingham at last…is sorely mistaken. Everything in fashion is getting bigger and bolder. The colors are not these pastel, creme or white shades, which are typical for the summer. The shapes and fabrics of the garments are not these light and floaty, but structured and heavy.

The Look

The small city of  Wyk, which is a beautiful place to spend a very recharging vacation, was more than french inspired. The white houses, the fisherman’s boats and the wine, accompanied  by tasty mussels, cooked in white wine sauce and delicate bread were just setting the mood. The local flower store filled with amazing flower arrangements, and surprisingly tulips, was a great help for me in shooting this look, or at least in helping me with the “props”.

I knew that the main focus would be on the Gucci Ghost princetown sliders. That was probably the only sure thing for me. But the rest of the look…. not so much. If i have o be honest this pair of shoes is maybe my favorite at the moment. It is fun, it is youthful and the vibrant colors are definitely something that i adore on the black leather. In other words Gucci is really nailing it.  I had to try a few more things from my luggage, contemplating between few pieces, trying to make my mind and i found that ethno jacket from Asos, which i only wore once until now. I got a simple striped Shirt from the local store, thank god there are more than enough fashion stores there. To give the whole look more of an uncomplicated and casual vibe i have paired the rest with a really destroyed Diesel jeans. My accessories are: shades from Celine and a Cashmere Burberry scarf, which i actually wore around the bouquet rather wearing it around me neck. And that is my look for a warm Fall day outside.



6 thoughts on “Prints and French vibes

  1. Wow! I could just sit here and read your thoughtful and very insightful musings on what’s is store for Fall and look at your extraordinary pieces. These shoes are beyond amazing and you’ve styled them beautifully. I love the way you mix colors and prints in such a sophisticated way!!

  2. I’ll start by saying that all your posts are so beautifully written. It’s like reading a short story or even a poem. You describe things so vividly and I feel like I’m actually right there with you when I read your posts. Then when we go on to your fashion it’s just mind blowing and makes me want to go even more floral and even more patterned than I am right now. Your style is top notch as your entire blog!
    Thomas xx

  3. These prints are so amazing. You are so fashionable. Honestly, I wish I could be like this hahaha. I dress so much more casually and honestly that is only because of my laziness :p You are killing it with the prints!

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