Cashmere pieces for spring

As we are all headed to almost the middle of March the days are getting longer and longer. The weather is changing and it is getting warmer by the minute.  It is finally time to get rid of the big bulky shearling coats and parkas and replacing them with more compact but still warm outerwear.  After making sure that everything is stored the right way the fun part comes: Layering.  The cashmere pieces for spring are my favorite. Continue reading “Cashmere pieces for spring”

Detox Morning Routine


After hopefully a good night sleep I wake up around 7 o’clock. Sometimes a bit earlier, other times a bit later. It depends. Nevertheless the first thing I do after opening my eyes is checking my social media and comment on some of your pictures and comments. After that I go in the bathroom and brush my teeth and take a fast shower and then I start my morning detox routine… Continue reading “Detox Morning Routine”

January Favorites

It seems like Christmas was a few days ago, but January is almost passing over.  Nevertheless i look pretty optimistic to the year 2017. And the excitement about the things that are to come is growing bigger by the minute. So without further ado here come my January Favorites, even though there are a few days till the end of it. Continue reading “January Favorites”

Reclaimed Vintage

The sun has just risen on the horizon and this means a new day has started. Hopefully one full with more positive thinking and energy.  For me this is the time to do some work after a bit of chilly photo-shoot yesterday morning. First of all i made myself a herb tea and grabbed a bite to eat. So now that my herb tea is sitting next to me, the laptop is on, a  scented candle is lit we are ready to get started.  Due to the fact that it is men fashion week in Milan, I have looked trough some of the fashion shows. Continue reading “Reclaimed Vintage”

Cologne… a concrete Jungle

Christmas has passed… After a beautiful Holy eve filled with laughter, tasty food, impeccable wine and the most important the Family, the New Year came…  Congratulations to everyone, it is the 2017. I hope you have the best year ever and be healthy and basically a trooper trough the whole year. In addition to the festive cheers there was food and too much Gin tonic. But after a while i got the feeling that the pounds i gained during the festivities must disappear… What a better way than making a trip to Cologne… a concrete Jungle, to shoot, sightseeing and walk. Continue reading “Cologne… a concrete Jungle”

New Year, new expectations, new dreams

My lovely people, it is a few hours until the new year knocks on our doors. This is the time when we all are full of expectations and more than grateful for every single beautiful thing that has happened to each one of us during the year 2016. The evening before New Years Eve is also the time to reflect over ourselves and on our past behavior. Continue reading “New Year, new expectations, new dreams”

Ethno Asos Jacket

On the second day of Christmas i was a bit fed up with the whole staying at home situation. A friend of mine called and ask if we should go out and maybe visit another city. Furthermore i was feeling kind of in the mood for a shooting.  I mean i did get a few new pieces as holiday gifts!  So i grabbed my Camera put a decent pair of shoes on and closed the door behind me! I was particularly in the mood of shooting my new ethno Asos jacket as a holiday clothing alternative. Continue reading “Ethno Asos Jacket”

Shearling Time

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I am a winter child. January is my month of birth and the time i feel really festive. Although i love this time of the year, it doesn’t mean that the cold isn’t tearing up on me and my nerves. It is, trust me. That is why the outerwear in this period is crucial for me.  My choice is a coat from Burberry Prorsum. Because January is indeed the best shearling time. Continue reading “Shearling Time”